Irish CUGC June 2017


We had our fifth meeting or the Irish CUCG in Dublin yesterday afternoon and what a packed agenda it was, we were lucky to have Andrew Wood and Jim Moyle two of the 50 world wide Citrix CTP’s present a session on “Preventing Performance Pain points”

PVS Performance Pain Points_03.png

Jim and Andy delved into PVS best practices, how to scale to thousands of users  and best of all how to keep your environment consistent to ensure your users continue to get the best performance from there work spaces, and to stop config drift.

Jim has reworked one of Carl Websters documentation scripts so that it creates an output object which he can then use pester (power shell library for testing Infrastructure built into Server 2016 and W10)  It normally create a fully documented word document of your environment.

With this he can run it against your PVS environment and compare the base config with the current confg which instantly flags any changes that may have been made and as these guys are very community orientated all scripts are available form hi GitHub account for you to use.

Andrew demoed a service in Citrix cloud called Smart Build to show how a collection of build scripts can create and configure your PVS environment again these scripts are available for you to make use of.

PVS Performance Pain Points_01

If you haven’t heard these two guys present before, I suggest you check out some of their Citrix Synergy sessions or better still come along next time.

eGinovations sponsored the event and kindly provided a Google speaker as a prize draw.


Shane Gary co presented with eG and game a very interesting live demo of the product  which they use to monitor their hosted desktop as a service.  They even have an app that you can get alerts and check the status of your environment when not at your laptop.

PVS Performance Pain Points_04

you can check them out here

No post Synergy user group meeting could go off without an update session which James O’Regan delivered, highlighting the major points, with lots of banter from the crowd.

Main highlights were how Citrix is now focusing on becoming a true security company and how we can you the Citrix stack to keep out users and data secure.

Storefront ++ where we saw a new workspace to collaborate and combine contextual apps so you would see in box and SAS apps.

Some new innovations, with XenServer I’m particularly interested in the ability to  live VM motion GPU vm’s using XenServer. Which will keep XenServer with best features for GPU.

We will be running the next one in September and plan to have some interesting speakers and topics already in the works.. So watch this space and keep an eye on mycucc for updates.



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