Nutanix Prism Central Fails to start on AHV

PC-fails-tostart03Prism Central failed to start from Prism after it had been shut down.


When you selected PC the power on action was not available.

Turns out it’s a fairly simple task from acli

To complete SSH to a CVM :

run -> acli to drop into the <acropolis> section


run the following commands :

<acropolis>vm.force_off pc  {Where PC is the name of the VM}

<acropolis>vm.on pc

We could also use the virsh command if directly on the AHV host although this is more likely to be used to shutdown or start a CVM .

Force the shutdown of the VM

root@ahv# virsh shutdown PC

Start PC VM.

root@ahv# virsh start PC

Prism Central should then start up, you can then start the PC cluster by :

log onto the PC vm vis SSH

run : cluster start



When you see all the services up with Success ! you are good to log on to Prism Central.

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