CUCG Ireland Q3 Review

The Irish Citrix user group met up virtually again and we had some great content as always form our speakers. Attendance has dropped slightly I think everyone has online meeting fatigue at this stage after the last year and a half, and we hope to be able to address that with the Q4 meeting that we hope to hold in person is restrictions permit.

Check out our speaker list and topics for the afternoon.

First up we had Shane O’Neill (CTP) giving us a run through of using the REST API for the Citrix Virtual Apps & Desktop Service which was quite need on getting you started to explore more of the different features and functions are available with the API. Shane plans on diving into it further in the future with a view to updating some of his Citrix Cloud migration tools. So watch this space !

Then we had out Sponsor EG Innovations who ran through a killer demo of the product, show casing how and what the best features we could use in a Citrix environment. Don’t be fooled though this is much more and can take you into compliance reporting with custom dashboards, giving you a view of your entire infrastructure. My best feature was the ability to really see the details end to end from a users device sitting somewhere on the internet right up to the app to really pinpoint the issue a user may be having.

Up after the break we had Wendy Gay (CTA) giving us a deep dive into PVS on Azure (yes your read that correct) there is as of writing a tech preview of PVS in Azure bringing all the things we loved about PVS to the cloud / Hybrid world. So you can effectively use the same methods on-prem as in Azure for image management. There was defiantly a buzz on social media about this one afterword’s, and yes I will attach a recording at the end of the blog of the afternoon.

Finally bring the afternoon to a close was Javier Lopen Santacruz with a very detailed session on the complexities involved with the various methods of authentication in Citrix cloud to enable SSO to various third party applications.

To Get a copy of the slides Download

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