Citrix MCS on Acropolis

So been waiting on this integration for a while now and with the release of Citrix 7.9 and the integration plug-in from Nutanix were finally here.

Some thing to be aware, make sure you are on the latest NOS version 4.6.1 which is latest at time of writing, other wise you may run into some issues.

I am assuming you are all able to get your Citrix environment up to 7.9 before you get started.

Step 1

Go to support and services & download the Nutanix MCS Plug-In for Acropolis

Install the Nutanix plug-in on your Citrix delivery controllers

Step 2

Build you gold image that you will use for your machine catalog.

Make sure you install the 7.9 VDA.

Take a snapshot of the VM, this is very important as for studio to see the VM you need to prefix the name of the snapshot with XD_


Select gold VM build

Select Take Snap Shot


Name your snapshot make sure to start it with XD_

Select Submit

you can check your snapshots


View Snapshot


You can see the snapshot name XD_base_W10_001 which will be used as the base clone for creating our VDI’s

Step 3

Create a connection to Acropolis for Studio


Select Hosting

Select Add new Connection


Select Create new connection

From the drop down list Select “Nutanix Acropolis”


Enter your cluster details and select Next

Leave Studio tools (Machine Creation Services) selected

Step 4

Create a machine catalog using your new connection to Acropolis and your base W10 golden image


Create Machine Catalog


Select Next


Select Desktop OS

Select NextMCS_ACrop_04

Select Resource you just create

Select Next


Select the type of Desktop you want to create

Select Next


Select the Container you want to use


Select the Base image or snapshot you want to use

Note : you only see images that are prefixed with XD_



Select OU location to place VM’s

Select Next


Give the Catalog a name

Select Finish


you now have your catalog

This will now go off ad start creating your VM’s on your Acropolis cluster providing you have enough resources. I have ran some initial test and with W10 VDI I am seeig 100 VM’s created in under 3 minutes.

Step 5

Create your delivery group as normal and your good to go.



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