E2EVC Epic Dublin Event


So its’s almost been a week since the E2E event made an appearance in Dublin and to quote the event title it was EPIC!

With excellent speakers and content all weekend, it had also some fun activities arranged for us. This included a fabulous lunch every day a the local Thai restaurant beside the hotel and also in the hotel if you needed a change.

I did my first presentation to the group on the synergy between Nutanix and Citrix . Looking at some of the features, in particular the MCS integration with Acropolis, perhaps this is the piece that was missing to finally place your virtual desktops on Acropolis. The general feel I got from talking to others was that it is excellent technology but too expensive in some use cases. Hopefully all that is changing, with the release of Express Edition for smaller environments making it more affordable to all.

The main takeaway from the conference was that lots of technologies and presenters were focusing on user experience and how to achieve the best user experience either from a monitoring product or something to control user settings making them truly mobile from device to device always having their important settings and data with them.

Nvidia showed off some interesting graphical use cases and how more and more users can make use of a GPU when using day to day apps like Office and Web browsers.

Containers and micro services were very interesting and how Turbo seems to be combining the best of App Virtualization technologies and container services and combining them in a very interesting product.

@crod  delivered a very witty and informative presentation on Turbo.Net

From lots of tech to meeting like minded folks to more tech stuff to eating the best steak in Dublin and drinking a pint of the black stuff in the Guinness Storehouse to more tech stuff.






On a final note E2EVC Rome 2016 will happen this upcoming November (18-20) and that you should go for it.

Register here @ http://www.e2evc.com/home/

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