Increase CVM memory for Self Service

With the release of AOS 5.0 we have some major features and one i’m looking forward to work with is the Self Service portal, to get started with it the first thing we need to do is increase the CVM memory size. We can do this quite easily using the VIRSH command.

Lets take a look :

First we need to SSH to the AHV host, we can see the name of the CVM running on this host by running :

virsh list --all | grep CVM

When we have the CVM name we need to shut it down by running

root@ahv# virsh shutdown cvm_name

replacing cvm_name with the CVM name running on the host we do this for each command:


We can have a look to check the memory config running on the host

root@ahv# virsh dumpxml cvm_name | egrep -i "cpu|memory"


This CVM has the default 16 GB, this can also be seen from Prisim

Next we need to set the max size and memory size to 24GB

root@ahv# virsh setmaxmem cvm_name --config --size ram_gbGiB
root@ahv# virsh setmem cvm_name --config --size ram_gbGiB


Then we can start the CVM and were

root@ahv# virsh start cvm_name


If you connect to Prism and look at the CVM you can see it now has 24GB memory


Repeat for the rest of the CVM’s and we should be able to enable the Self Service porthole.



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