Nutanix CVM Space issues

I ran into some interesting space issues on Nutanix cluster recently, I was doing a manual download of NOS to run the upgrade and my /home folder on one of the CVM’s was hitting 95% and giving some warnings.

After a quick call with support my suspicions were confirmed and some stuff could be deleted form this directory , but what to delete as their are lots of folders under the home folder.

Lets take a look at how we got to the correct folder to delete.

First connect to each CVM to check which one is causing the issue, a hint it’s most likely in the alert that been generated in Prism.


Run command –> df-h

This will list the contents on all file systems, In my case the /home folder was showing 95%


Running command –> du – xsh*

Lists the size of each directory so you can see which folders have the most space

Clearly the software_downloads and software_uncompressed folders were the culprits.


You can go directly to these directories and when in directory

Running command –> du-sh

Gives you the total size of the directory.


Running command –> ls

Lists the contents of the folder, in my case I has three versions of NOS downloaded which until installed the binaries are not removed.

So it was safe to delete these and free up the space.


Running Command –> rm -rf /home/nutanix/software_downloads/nos/*

Removes all for files in the folder /NOS

Repeat these steps to clean up the software_uncompressed folder and you will be back to normal.

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