Irish CUGC September 2017


The autumn edition of the Citrix User Group in Ireland was held last week in the fairly cool surroundings of the  in the center of Dublin, a very well attended event with a good mix of end users and consultants in the room.


We had guest speakers from the Dutch User Group who gave us a frank talk on the dangers lurking from potential hacks and how to mitigate against them in a Citrix environment.

Migrating to Citrix Cloud made easy!

What are the challenges to moving your workload in the cloud?
Understand the requirements to move Citrix backend from on premise to Citrix Cloud.
Receive some tools and PowerShell script examples to help with this process.


Shane O’Neill AKA @sasponto one of the founding members of the Citrix Technology Avacotes (CTA) program gave us a frank in in depth review of Citrix Cloud and using Azure for VDI desktops.

We also welcomed three newly announced Citrix Technology Advocates  in the room.

  • George Spiers — @JGSpiers
  • James O’Regan — @jamesoregan
  • Ronnie Hamilton —  @rh747a

Irish CTA

Enjoying a beer with Shane afterwards. Shout out to the fifth Irish CTA based out of the states at the moment Rory Monaghan — @Rorymon who regularly speaks at industry conferences on EUC.

ControlUP Technical Presentation




@controlUP sponsored the event and gave a thoroughly enjoyable presentation, with more live demos and product insights than slides which is just the way we like it.

Citrix App Layering

What is it? Configuration, creating layers, best practices and tips for successful deployment.

George Spiers


CTA George Spiers gave us  what’s that “UniDesk” now Citrix layering technology which is now fully integrated to the Citrix stack, George shared some in insights into the work he has completed with his testing. Sounds like he is getting really under the covers of the product regularly giving feedback to the product team.

Security in a EUC world

Geert Braakheeke and Remko Weijnen, CUGC Dutch user group


Finally we had Citrix (CTP) Remko @RemkoWeijnen and Geert @Easi123  giving us a rundown on the tricks that hackers are actively using to get at our ECC Environments. The guys had some very scary demos on what can be achieved so easily. You can now have an app on your phone to basically order some malware in lone to use against a target. Very scary stuff!

They had some fun at E2EVC in Prague where they scanned some of the regulars laptops and found vulnerabilities on their laptops and would have made prone targets if they had been doing it for malicious gain instead of having a laugh at some colleagues and highlighting the dangers of not patching your operating systems.


As always we headed downstairs to the bar for a beer and bar food and a healthy discussion on what had been presented with great feedback from everyone who attended on the excellent quality of speakers.


I am in the planning stages for our next event already and in discussions with some interesting speakers a certain CTP well know on the speaking circuit and a newly crowned CTA from across the pond. Lets see how all our time schedules sync up.

If any one has any feedback or questions feel free to contact me either through the CUGC or to our local email

thanks to all who attested and hope to see you all next time.

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