Nutanix – Citrix Cloud – Instant On

I’ve been saying this for a while, and with the push from Citrix to a world of Hybrid cloud and the the vast array of apps with many connections to services that will stay op prem for some time to come, the best place to run your desktops will be on Nutanix Enterprise cloud.

The introduction of the Citrix cloud instant on from Nutanix greatly simplifies this for customers. I will walk you through connecting your Nutanix cluster with Citrix cloud to easily provision desktops.

Requirements :

Citrix cloud Subscription

Nutanix Cluster

Windows Gold image.

Step 1 – Set the Access keys on Citrix cloud so you can enable secure access from your Nutanix cluster from Citrix Cloud subscription.

Connect to your Citrix Cloud instance


Select – Identity and Access Management


Step 2 – Create your API Keys



Select – API Access

Enter – ConnectionName

Select – Create Client



Download – the CSV file as you will need this to connect from your Nutanix cluster later



Step 3 – Connect to your Nutanix Cluster to create the connection to Citrix Cloud.


From the Pre Reques we need to have a server image fully patched and syspreped, you can also have your Citrix Golden image uploaded here as well. This can all be achieved through the Nutanix Image Service.


Click – Gear Wheel


Select – Connect to Citrix Cloud



Select – Upload Credential Key

Select – Connect


Select – Upload Key File

Select – Connect




Select – Customer ID ( This can be found on the Citrix Cloud API screen where the keys are created)

Select – Connect

You then need to enter the credentials required to connect and point to the sysprep machine so that the Citrix Connectors are created. It’s the connectors that enable Citrix Cloud to talk to your Nutanix cluster and allow the management of the machines.


Enter – Name of Resource Location

Select – Sysprep image

Enter – VM names for the connector VM’s

make sure to scroll down …..



Enter – password for VM

Enter – Domain credentials & Password

Enter – Domain Name ( just your local domain )

Enter – DNS IP

Select – SAve & Complete

Site back and relax


Nutanix will deploy connector


You will be left with your two connectors.


Log back into Citrix Cloud and check your resource location is good.




When you connect to Citrix cloud you will be able to provision VM’S from your gold image that you have copied to your cluster from Citrix cloud.


This is currently available for all Hyper-Visor types with AHV to follow shortly.

I will have a follow up blog on this when released  but for now this will let you get testing

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