CUGC Ireland Sept 2018 event

So that’s our third CUCG of the year complete and I must say each event just keeps getting better attended every time. We used Sky suite of the Radisson Blu Golden lane in Dublin, as it’s quite a good room with a nice view of the city. We can have some food and drinks in the adjoining room at the back where the networking and discussions with presenters can continue for a couple of hours.


2018-09-28 09_22_47-Opening Slide.pptx - PowerPoint

Having such a packed agenda sure helps with attendance and we had quality through the afternoon as you can see from the above slide

WhatsApp Image 2018-09-27 at 16.41.10

First Up Dennis Span gave a very detailed run through on image optimization, best practices and the various tools available to get the best user experience. He also writes some very interesting and detailed articles on his blog around this topic and also PowerShell stuff and lots of automation round Citrix products.

Follow Dennis on twitter @dennisspan

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Next we had the man behind the Base Information Script Framework (BISF) Matthias Schlim which has grown in popularity since its inception. It ties in well with the previous session as after you optimise your image you want to generalise or seal it.  The amount of work that has gone in to create such a tool is extraordinary and he now has help for the wider community to keep it up to date with new features.

Check out his blog  for more details and you can follow him on twitter here @MatthiasSchlimm

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Next up myself and Wendy gave our views on the Hybrid World we live in for both the users perspective where Wendy concentrated on the new Workspace app from Citrix and how a user can now SSO to modern sass apps older line of business apps running locally or in any cloud with the added bonus of having all your files travel with you from device to device all in one searchable place.  You can follow Wendy on twitter @Wendy_Gay1

I then looked at Nutanix Enterprise Cloud as the place to run the workloads and applications and how the seamless the integration is with Nutanix and Citrix cloud highlighting why Nutanix is a very good fit for XenApp and XenDesktop workloads.

Follow me on twitter @RonnieDOTie

WhatsApp Image 2018-09-27 at 16.41.37

To wrap up we had two Citrix escalation engineers giving us a very deep dive on NetScaler Gateway / Storefront and the common issues they see on the support desk. Walking us through some of the methodologies and troubleshooting shooting tools and techniques they use daily. Judging by some of the conversations after everyone seemed to get different bits from the users in the room to some of the seasoned consultants.

I am currently working on getting everyone’s presentations together and will PDF them and add a sharefile link to this blog so that everyone can get a copy.

With a special thanks to our sponsors Dell on the day.


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