Foundation for beginners

The Nutanix Foundation VM is simple though can be complex at the same time if you are coming from a windows world to a Linux VM and some of the unknowns for a windows sys admin. In this blog I will detail the setup of the Foundation VM so that you will be in a position to start to image your first cluster.


Requirements :

  • Laptop with Oracle Virtual box installed
  • Copy of the foundation appliance form
  • The images for Nutanix OS and Hyper Visor


Step 1

  1. Log onto
  2. Goto the downloads page
  3. Select Foundation TAB
  4. Download the latest Foundation tar file

Foundation 001


Step 2

  1. Extract the .tar file to location you will import to Oracle Virtual Box
  2. This is the location the Virtual Disk for the foundation VM will live

Foundation 002

Step 3

  1. Ensure you download and install the latest version on Virtual Box
  2. Launch Virtual Box
  3. Select -> File
  4. Select -> Import Appliance
  5. Browse to the folder you extracted the .tar file

Foundation 003Foundation 004


Step 4

  1. Select the foundation .ovf
  2. Select -> Open

Foundation 005

Step 5

  1. Select -> Next

Foundation 006

Step 6

  1. Leave all default settings
  2. Select -> Import

Foundation 007

Step 7

  1. Allow to import

Foundation 008

Step 8

  1. Select -> the imported Virtual machine

Foundation 009

Step 9

  1. Select -> Settings

Foundation 004a

Step 10

  1. Select -> Storage
  2. Select -> Add Optical Drive

Foundation 004b

Step 11

  1. Leave the drive empty

Foundation 015

Step 12

  1. Select -> OK

Foundation 016

Step 13

  1. Select -> Foundation VM
  2. Select -> Start

Foundation 010

Step 14

  1. Select -> nutanix

Foundation 011

Step 15

  1. Enter the password nutanix/4u
  2. Select -> log in

Foundation 012

Step 16

  1. Select -> Devices
  2. Select -> Insert Guest Additions CD image ..

Foundation 017

Step 17

  1. Select -> OK

Foundation 018

Step 18

  1. Select -> Run

Foundation 019

Step 19

  1. Enter root password
  2. nutanix/4u
  3. Select -> Authenticate

Foundation 021

Step 19

  1. Allow to install
  2. Press -> return

Foundation 022

Step 20

  1. Select -> Devices
  2. Select -> Drag and Drop
  3. Select -> Bidirectional
  4. This allows you to drag files to the Foundation VM to complete the install

Foundation 023

Step 21

  1. From Nutanix Home ->Foundation -> NOS
  2. Drag the latest NOS file hear

Foundation 024

Step 22

  1. We also need to drag the ISO for which ever hyper you plan to use to the correct location below under isos->hypervisor

Foundation 025

I will add to this series over the coming weeks covering off the next steps of running through an install and some things to watch out for on the way.


Note :

If you log in as root with default password you can access any folders shared from Settings –> Shared Folders.

They appear if you are logged in as Nutanix but are not accessible.

Foundation 026.png


3 thoughts on “Foundation for beginners

  1. Niall

    Hi Ronnie, Great Blog.

    I like to deploy the appliance as a VM, isolated in our management VLAN in the DC so that I can still build regardless if I’m in the Data-center or not.
    I have also used the foundation edition that is in aNY newly created CVM too but this does not support VLANs.



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