Citrix Cloud – Analytics – First Steps Connecting local Site

I’ve been working with Citrix Cloud quite a bit over the last year or so and though it’s about time I created some content on what I’ve learned and share some install guides, tips n tricks I’ve picked up along the way.

Currently reviewing the Citrix Analytics service, and it has the added bonus of being able to monitor your local Citrix estate. The service will consist of a few sub services with Security & Operations available at the time of writing but Analytics will follow shortly.

When the site is connected it can also be used for site aggregation as well.

OK lets see how we connect your local Site to your Citrix cloud tenant  to get all these new features.

Prerequisites :

  • Active Citrix cloud subscription with Analytics service enabled
  • Local Citrix Site
  • Some users apps and desktops to use to populate the service with some data

Connecting a local Citrix Site to Citrix Cloud

SIte Connect 01

  • Ensure you are logged into Citrix Cloud
  • Select – Workspace Configuration

SIte Connect 02

  • Select – Sites

SIte Connect 03

  • Select – Add Site

SIte Connect 04

  • Select – Virtual Apps and Desktops
  • Select – Continue

SIte Connect 05

  • Select – Resource location where your site resides
  • Enter – IP or FQDN of one of your delivery controllers
  • Select – Discover

SIte Connect 06

  • Enter – Virtual Apps and desktop site credentials
  • Select – Continue

SIte Connect 07

  • You can see we have successfully found Dublin site
  • Select Continue

SIte Connect 08

  • Select – Continue
  • Its a new site with nothing published yet otherwise you will see domains etc here

SIte Connect 09

  • Select – Internal Only
  • Select – Continue
  • We could select which ever method you will use to connect here for my test I will be connecting locally to the environment

SIte Connect 10

  • Select – save & finish

SIte Connect 11

  • You can now see the Dublin site is connected.

Stay tuned for the next installment on configuring the newly added site as a source for feeding the Analytics service.

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