Nutanix single host bare metal install

On some occasions, I have been faced with the task of building a node without the foundation VM.

For this you will need a copy of the Hyper-Visor in my case it is usually ESXi and this is what I will concentrate on here. You will also need a copy of the Nutanix phoenix ISO which contains the version of NOS you require.

You require IPMI access to the node to carry out this process, if you do not know the IPMI IP address of if it has VLAN’s assigned you can configure it in the BIOS.

The steps involved are to install ESXi on the host and then install the Nutanix Controller VM using the phoenix ISO and configure.

When you have the IP address open a browser using the P address and log in.


Default credentials – ADMIN

password – ADMIN

This will open a connection directly to the host.


From here you want to get to a console session.

Select -> Remote Control -> Console Redirection


Select -> Launch Console


It is Java so Run the applet and dismiss any error messages or requests to update to the latest versions.


You then need to insert the HyperVisor ISO into the virtual drive

Select -> Virtual Media -> Virtual Storage


Select -> ISO File


Select -> Open Image


Browse to the localisation and pick up required ISO file

Select ->ISO -> Oepn


This step if vital and is easily missed – make sure you

Select -> Plug In


So you see the Connection Status as OK

Select -> OK


Restart the host to boot from the ISO to install VMWare ESXi

Select ->Power Control -> Set Power Reset


Select -> Enter


Select -> F11


Careful here and ensure you select the SATADOM as the installation target

Select -> SATADOM -> Enter to continue


Select -> (Enter) OK


Select -> (Enter) Continue – on defaults


Make sure you want to wipe whatever was on this host

Select 0> (Enter) OK


Enter root password – Ensure it’s nutanix/4u


Select -> F11


You need to Eject the media from the virtual drive to stop you looping and installing all over again.

Select -> Virtual Media -> Virtual Storage-> Remove the Installation Media disc before rebooting


Select -> Plug Out


Select -> OK


Select -> Reboot

Allow host to reboot and install ESXi


Next Step is to install the Nutanix OS using the Phoenix ISO


Select -> Virtual Media -> Open Image -> Browse to the ISO


Select it as before -> Select Plug In and -> OK


Select -> Set Power Reset


Make sure you select Configure Hyper-visor and Clean CVM

Select -> Start

This can take some time and will reboot several times as it configures the Nutanix OS and CVM integration with the Hyper-Visor


Plug out the ISO file from the virtual drive as before


Select -> Virtual Media -> Plug Out -> OK

Select -> Y


See message above that it’s configuring – it can take a while and will reboot a few times


When completed it will pick up an IP from DHCP and you are good to go.

This is providing you are happy with the IP’s DCHP has dished out, if not you could use foundation applet at this stage and create the cluster and IP’s that way. Their is a way to manually re IP the CVM which may be an idea for another blog post. Obviously you can  change the IP on the ESXi host easily as you would any other ESXi host.


4 thoughts on “Nutanix single host bare metal install

  1. Javier Lopez

    I have a problem, when i was configuring the phoenix it gave me this message:
    “” FATAL: An exception was raised: Traceback (most recent call last):
    File “./phoenix”, line 93, in
    File “./phoenix”, line 77, in main
    params = gui.get_params(gui.Gui)
    File “./phoenix”, line 1265, in get_params
    return run_gui(guitype)
    File “./phoenix”, line 1283, in run_gui
    params = get_params_from_gui(gui)
    File “./phoenix”, line 1122, in get_params_from_gui
    “%s/%s/*.tar*” % (SVM_VERSIONS, gp.p_list.svm_version))[0]
    IndexError: list index out of range “”
    if you can help me ill be so thankful.
    Thank you!


  2. Nicola Grütter

    I would be happy if you make a blog post about configure host and CVM ip manually after reimaging through phoenix.



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