CUGC Ireland April 2019

We got the first Citrix User group of 2019 off to a flying start in the Sky suite of the Radisson Blu Golden lane in Dublin, which we have used a number of times in the past. It’s a very central location with super views of the city, just looking round it’s amazing how much building is going on, we counted at least 60 cranes.


We had a fairly packed agenda with one of Ireland’s newest CTP’s presenting all things Azure and also in attendance Shane O’Neill who also scooped the CPT award this year. Congratulations to both Dave and Shane for getting into the CTP program this year and also to George for renewing.


First up we had Andy Morgan @andyjmorgan Ex Citrix CTP now working with VMware showing off how simple it is to run your Citrix workloads in VMware cloud. If you run VMware on-prem you can connect to AWS and run VMware there with the same look and feel. Andy was then straight into a few demos on how this works, which as expected looks like it would on-prem.  One thing I did pick up on was that you can also leverage existing PVS environments as PVS runs on the platform.


Next up we had Daniel form Citrix Support, this is becoming a regular slot at CUGC Ireland. The presenters always deliver with super content which can get very technical quite quickly which definitely pleases the tech community in attendance. The topic this time was the “Evolution of Graphics”  Daniel walked us through how the HDX graphics has evolved, some acquisitions such as Framehawk and how it’s been removed or has it, more like the best bits kept and implemented seamlessly into the stack.  There was a bit of banter with Andy & Daniel around the live demos showing how the rotating car demo was smoother in the HDX session verses the Horizon view session, which Andy said had improved in Horizon. Finishing with the best policy settings for your environment, and quiz just to make sure we were all still awake and to get you thinking about the deferent Policy combinations to suit your environment.

Printer Logic.jpg

Next up after the coffee, we had Printer Logic who kindly sponsored the event. Christoph Willis showed how to simplify your complex printing environment by eliminating print servers at your various locations. Printer Logic can address all Citrix printing-related issues by converting printers to centrally managed direct IP printing, thereby eliminating print servers as well as unnecessary WAN traffic, allowing you to use native or universal drivers where appropriate for you.


Last up we had the latest Irish Citrix CTP David Wilkinson @WilkyIT  presenting one of his favorite topics Citrix Cloud and Azure, this time he ran through more how things run in Azure taking into account all the factors to be considered in a deployment, especially round cost estimation. If you are trying to get cost estimates on your workers in Azure or running your entire Citrix Infrastructure up there, Dave has a nifty tool to help you. He has clearly spent a lot of time on this topic when you look at the work put into the Azure cost calculator, which can be found on here on his web site WilkyIT 

You may be thinking I’m missing a presentation, and you would be half right as we were running slightly over with some of the presentations and the one I had was really just an update to XD/AD which most in the room should have been aware of.

I was cornered after to run through some of the updates to a few attendees over a beer.

We finished the evening with some food and a few drinks and discuses the days event and various topics.

email to get link to presentations


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