Nutanix User Group Ireland – First Meeting Complete


That’s a wrap on the first user group meeting for Ireland, we had a good number of registrations and over 70 % turned on on the day which is quite good for this type of event.

We had a packed agenda with myself Sheamus (Nutanix SE) and Bogdon form HYCU all contributing.



Having been lucky enough to fly to LA and attend the .Next Conference it fell to me to run through the latest updates.

With the release of Nutanix Mine it led quite nicely into our next speaker form HYCU to give an overview of the product set and how it will tie in with Mine. This resonated with the attendees as Bogdan was quizzed on various parts of the product, as everyone seemed quite interested in the synergy with Nutanix.

Here he is highlighting how in sync the two companies are.


Then back to myself with a slightly updated version of my Citrix & Nutanix better together presentation. I run through why Citrix Cloud and using AHV to deliver the workloads are a best in bread solution. I also highlight some of the extra integrations like the IO metrics being fed back up into director which is pretty cool feature.

Its the shear speed that you can get your entire infrastructure up and running when we use both these solutions in conjunction with each other.


Time for a well earned break and some coffee & freshly made cookies which went down a treat.


Next up putting my recorded demos to shame was Sheamus who walked through creating an database application using Calm. He then followed this up by using Era and time machine to clone the data base.

There was a good few Nutanix customers in the room that seemed very interested in these products.

NUG were kind enough to send us a couple of vouchers for the Nutanix online shop and I had a copy of the Nutanix Design Guide book that was launched at .Next and some other .Next swag that we raffled off at the end.


We had laid on some finger food and a couple of beers and the conversations continued on all things Nutanix and tech in general.

Keep an eye out on Twitter @NUGIreland and @RonnieDOTie for when the next installment for the NUG Ireland will take place.





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