Nutanix Release 5.11


Nutanix have just released the new 5.11 version of AOS which includes some major feature releases.


Some of the main themes are around Storage QOS policies, physical network segmentation for volumes, Data recovery and the ability to scale to 120 TB per node.





The introduction of If,Then,else for operations to give you the ability to create run books to trigger an event if something happens. e.g If a VM is running log on memory consistently for a period of time an even could be triggered to hot add 10% more memory, without any IT operations staff getting involved.


Introducing Storage QoS policies to enable you to throttle workloads from affecting the performance of mission critical workloads.


Some examples of how QoS policies can help out within your Nutanix architecture design.





It’s crucial for security teams to have physical segmentation and with the feature Nutanix can now physically segmentation any traffic to external volumes to the Nutanix cluster.


If we look at the time line of the capacity per node supported release by release we can now see 120 TB will now be supported in AOS 5.11 but striving to support up to 200 TB by 2020


Nutanix buckets get’s a rename to Nutanix Objects which ties in with the additional requirements to support more and more storage per node. This bringing the last type of storage to the Nutanix platform.


Objects with be completely linked with Nutanix AOS feature that you are already using such as cloning, snapshots, redundancy etc..

Out of the box you will be able to try Objects in your cluster for free with the ability to use 1-2 TB of storage.

See some of the use cases below :


2 thoughts on “Nutanix Release 5.11

  1. It’s released as a direct download first so it’s available from your login. It may not be avaliable to download from within Prism until it reaches a certain level of adoption.


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