CUGC – Quarter 2 Review

We recently had our Q2 meeting for CUGC Ireland, apologies for the late review but with holidays and trying to collect all presentations to make available for you I’m only getting to this now.

So here goes – we had a venue change to The Dean on Hardcore Street which was a nice change of scenery and also fairly central.  We are back in the Radisson on the 19th September all going well.

Firstly, I’d like to thank our sponsors, Algiz Technologies who delivered a great presentation on how they can help with all things application packaging.  We had a guest appearance from Algiz CTO, who will be familiar to all in the Citrix  community – CTP Rory Monaghan who has recently relocated to Ireland. A loss for the CUCG Community over there but a gain for us in Ireland.

2019-07-18 12_41_58-CUGC June -2019-agenda.pptx - PowerPoint

First up we had our local Citrix SE Wendy Gay and her new team of technologists, letting them dip their toes into presenting in a friendly environment.  They did an excellent job, covering off the new mobile work space features and ran through some interesting demos.

There was even some interesting topics they wanted to present in the future so watch this space.


Next we had Jim Moyle, seasoned pro and rock star of the EUC community, talking all things WVD and the acquisition of FXlogix by Microsoft.

During the presentation he detailed how it will help to solve, some long running issues with profiles, and help running O365 in a multi user / non persistent environment, a thorough and entertaining presentation as always.


Then it was time for some networking and coffee’s, which is a huge part of what these events are. My colleague Mark had dug out some camera gear from the office and decided to do some filming on the day, he produced a little trailer of the day which is great piece of work. The man has some hidden talents for this stuff, hopefully more to come.




Next up was our sponsors Algiz Technologies who gave a very rounded presentation with a number of presenters, Jagz Sidhu , Peter Clark and  Rory Monaghan all contributing the presentation from a business and technical perspective, on how Algiz is your one stop shop to deliver application packaging and virtualization to help with the transition to Windows 10.




Fresh from there very popular Citrix Synergy session we had David Wilkinson and George Spiers new and old Citrix CTP’s to deliver SYN214 “Tips and best practices for getting the best from hour Virtual Apps and Desktops deployments” . Always good to have the guys down for Belfast such a vast amount of knowledge between then.


Last but not least standing between the food and few beers we were glad to welcome back Daniel  representing Citrix, with a presentation linking some of the Citrix Cloud features to specific use cases.

Its always nice to meet up with old friends and find out how things are going, so it was nice to catch up with Nigel Wood’s after the FSLogix acquisition by Microsoft.


Keep the 19th September free were we will be back in the Radisson and have a special guest speaker already confirmed and working on a couple of others so stay tuned.

As promised here’s a link to the presentations available :

Download Presentations


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