.Next Copenhagen 2019 – what to look forward to


This will be my 7th .next and each year I look forward to to meeting up with old friends that I converse with regularly on social media such as twitter and slack, but it’s always good to catch up face to face over lunch or a beer in the evenings.

It’s always good to sit and soak up the atmosphere of in the main hall as everyone streams in eagerly awaiting the next big announcements and the look ahead at the companies strategy and road map.

Working in pre-sales it’s great to here from the speakers and their energy for the product and features that’s coming down the track. This helps me articulate the message, with whats relevant when speaking to partners and customers about the innovations in the coming months and also reignites my energy for the products.

I have never been to Copenhagen so it will be nice see a new city, and take in some of the sites while there.  Nutanix do a great job of hosting some activities in the evenings form a very entertaining night in Tobacco Dock in London to a roller themed disco in LA there will be something for everyone to enjoy.

As part of the NTC program we do get a sneak peek at some of the new features that are on the cards but there is always something that has been held back which is always great, NTC’s have also been involved in the opening keynote on a number of occasions which is a nice reward for participation in the program throughout the year.

One thing I will say for any new comers, is that you will have a worthwhile event. The interaction from the Nutanix staff is second to none and it’s a chance to get to know the product or even if your a seasoned user there is always something to learn.

Things to not be without a comfortable pair of trainers as you will be doing a lot of walking and a power pack for your phone as it will never last the day.

If you haven’t already check  out the details over on .Next 2019






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